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Wall of Misfit Paintings

Like the island of misfit toys, here, Hunter Luck creates a collection just the same. Paintings that seem random and have no meaning find their place here amongst friends where they too can tell their stories and be appreciated for their beauty. 

Painting 2.jpg

My Peafowl

Hunter Luck brings forth the glowing 3-D display of a beautiful peacock. Peacocks are showy, flashy birds known for their large tail plumage, brightly colored heads and proud avian strut. From the pheasant family of birds, peacocks are the male version of the group known as peafowl (the females are called peahens), and are famous for their large courting display of billowing tail feathers covered in blue-green "eyes." Though available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, peafowl are comprised of only three species of birds.

Painting 1.jpg

48in by 60 in (Acrylic)

"Be Like a peacock and dance with all of your beauty."


Malevolences Benevolences 

Hunter James Luck brings forth The Black Heart, Malevolences Benevolences to life. Using  deep rich oils, he paints a diamond heart highlighting the beauty and darkness within every loving heartbeat of himself. Passion, power, pride, peace, pleasure, pulsates through this prism of light. Surrounding it in a gold frame to protect it from the harsh world, for his heart is made of glass. An overwhelming abundance of love lies within, but as the sun quickly sets, and the moon rises so does the side of coldness. The one that we shall not speak of, for taboos and trickery tread throughout its tunnels of tears.


36 in by 36 in (Oil)

On wood canvas

Encased in a 4in frame 

“Vilest of men and the wickedest of women likewise may do good from time to time, for love and compassion and pity may be found in even the blackest of hearts.”



Hunter Luck does it again. With this modern abstract painting, he brings the attractive and impressive, richly colorful, and sumptuous display of the contemporary world we live in today.


24 in by 48 in (Acrylic)

"There is so much gray to every store, the world is not just black and white."


You Are My Sunshine

Hunter Luck was inspired with the color yellow. He tells a story about joy and growth through his modern sunflowers.


24 in by 48 in (Acrylic)

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away



Hunter Luck does it again. With this modern abstract painting, he brings the attractive and impressive, richly colorful, and sumptuous display of the contemporary world we live in today.


24 in by 48 in (Acrylic)

“The uglier, older, meaner, iller, poorer I get, the more I wish to take my revenge by doing brilliant color, well arranged, resplendent.” - Vincent Van Gogh


The Pelican

Hunter Luck was inspired by John James Audobon and his works of birds. The Pelican is a large acrylic painting highlighting the beauty and strength of the majestic creature. 


48 in by 60 in (Acrylic)

John James Audubon was an American self-trained artist, naturalist, and ornithologist. His combined interests in art and ornithology turned into a plan to make a complete pictoral record of all the bird species of North America.


My Friend

The love of horses comes to light with My Friend by Hunter Luck. Born in Arizona, he has adored the western arts and the beauty that surround us all. Companionship, trust, and love are shown in this watercolor painting. 


18 in by 24 in (Mixed Media)

“When the blood in your veins returns to the sea , and the earth in your bones returns to the ground , perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you , it is you who belong to this land”


Hello My Old Friend!

Hunter Luck paints yet another man with his companion, this time. He uses watercolor to create a dreamlike and mystified display. Deep browns and rich violets and purples move across the paper as if water.  


12 in by 18 in (Watercolor)

Hello, my old friend.
It's good to see you again.
How has it been?
Do you remember when?
Do not be sad; this isn't the end.
We still have a loose end.
To ride and amend.
I know you can understand.
I have missed you, my friend.
Farewell for now, until the year-end.



Beebo! Other wise known as Brenden Urie from Panic! at the Disco. Hunter Luck paints the lead singer, one of his favorite bands, in a vivid display of red watercolor. 


12 in by 18 in (Watercolor)

If you're a lover, you should know
The lonely moments just get lonelier
The longer you're in love
Than if you were alone
Memories turn into daydreams become a taboo
I don't want to be afraid
The deeper that I go
It takes my breath away
Soft hearts electric souls
Heart to heart and eyes to eyes
Is this taboo?


Darth Revan

Darth Revan, once a Jedi, now a Sith, Hunter Luck paints the sinister Sith Lord in the Star Wars universe. With the use of watercolors, he brings forth the rich colors of his glowing blades to life. 


12 in by 18 in (Watercolor)

“I am Revan reborn. And before me you are nothing.” “Are you certain of these accusations?” “I would stake my life on them, my lord Emperor.” “You already have.”


The Samurai

Inspired by his read of The Art of War, Hunter Luck paints a watercolor samurai that captivates the viewer. The ink used with the watercolor honors the history and legends of the great warriors. 


12 in by 18 in (Watercolor)

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War



For the Horde! Painting inspired by the video game World of Warcraft, Hunter Luck brings forth the symbol of the Horde onto canvas. 


60 in by 48 in (Acrylic)

"Live by these words: lok'tar ogar. Victory... or death."

-Garrosh Hellscream



Painting inspired by the video game Overwatch, Hunter Luck brings forth the symbol of Overwatch onto canvas. 


60 in by 48 in (Acrylic)

"Never accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see it for what it could be."

-Dr. Harold Winston


The Silver Pyramid

Hunter Luck uses bright, vivid colors to make a modern abstract painting that fits any room it is placed in. From orange, yellow, pinks, greens, and blues, he lets the viewer imagine what meaning this painting may or may not hold. 

The Silver Pyramid

36 in by 36 in (Acrylic)

The Silver Pyramid watches as the three suns rise and set around it. On a plain of colorful geometric shapes, this world is constantly shifting.


Red Hot

Hunter Luck splatters the paint and lets loose when it comes to Red Hot. A fun, playful rainbow of colors decorates the canvas as an expression is formed. 

Red Hot

36 in by 36 in (Acrylic)

Dripping in paint, one sees no end. One hears no end. One tastes no end and one smells no end. But one can feel it. 


Stand Together

Hunter Luck paints Standing Together for the band 76th Street for their cover song "Standing Together." 

Stand Together

12 in by 12 in (Watercolor)

When a time the world seems to be divided, they stand united.

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