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About The Story

The Spinster of India

Look what we have here... a charming ambassador from the nation of Babylon, wishing to treat and make an alliance with me? Oh, Dante... Dante... Dante, you have much to learn on your quest. 

Know this boy: as the Queen of India, I have endured long before your arrival, I have surmounted the odds that were stacked up against me, I have preserved my people from intruders and this never-ending war between Jerusalem. I did it alone. I needed no help, especially from a man like yourself. That wry smile though, those piercing eyes, and that jawline... No! I want no man; I need no man. 

You are a bold one, for you come into my realm and profess this concept of love? You say you love my land, my people, and have fallen for my warrior? What a fool. Do you not know who I am? Can you be so naïve to think this will be a typical love story that will eclipse the cosmoses? I will only allow love for one, and that person is... me!"

-Spinster of India

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