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Mount Olympus

Before the times of Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil, there was Mount Olympus. Gods and Demigods battle over humanity—Zeus, god of the heavens; Poseidon, god of the sea; and Hades, god of the underworld, made up the pantheon of ancient Greece. Hunter Luck brings forth the magic myths of the ancient world through his paintings. Behold the collection of Mount Olympus. 


God of Gods

Zeus, the God of Gods!

Inspired by the famous (Satyr with child by Lysippos that is featured in Munich Glyptothek) He takes the lens of Zeus, Greek god of the heaven’s and ruler of all other gods on Mount Olympus. With the use of watercolor, papier-mâché, and grayscale he brings forth the strong chiseled face of the infamous ruler of Ancient Greece.


48 in by 48 in (Mixed Media)

High above the clouds, he sits. Watching with a thunderbolt in hand. Zeus eyes his brother in the pits. Hades grows with resentment for ruling the underworld; it was not planned. Zeus knows he has greater wits. Yet still, his sinister brother has a trick in his offhand. 


The Gorgon

Inspired by the famous mythological creature Medusa, he brings forth the monster of our dreams. With the use of watercolor, papier-mâché, and grayscale, she comes to life, allowing her golden eyes to pierce our very souls.


48in by 48 in (Mixed Media)

Slithering snakes surreptitiously slide down her scolding stare. Stunning starlight shines off of her seductress-like scales that scare. Vampiric venom voice from her void lips as if a prayer. Suiters stiffen to stone as sight sneers their glare. Sunken low in her shrine of solitaire. Medusa the Gorgon filled with despair.

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