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For the Love of Politics

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For the love of a man.
For the love of a woman.
For the love of politics.

Passion and intimacy span the country and the globe.
Intrigue and heartbreak span time and space.
Lose yourself in the journey as the writers transport you, sexually and emotionally, to exotic worlds and familiar locales. The heroes and heroines will capture your heart and spark your imagination. Nine amazing authors come together to write nine unforgettable stories in the political romance anthology: For the Love of Politics.

Featuring stories by: M.E. Giguere, Tanya Deloatch, S.L. Heinz, Kris Lomonaco, Hunter James Luck, Tina Maurine, Mary Darlene Morris, Jude Ouvrard, Michelle Rene

Released October 6, 2018

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