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Hunter Luck






16510 N 92nd St Unit 1006

Scottsdale, Az 85260

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A Bit About Hunter Luck

Proud owner of My Wall To Your Wall, Hunter Luck shares his love of art across the globe. From London, Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay, to Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, his art is sold and showcased to all who dare to dream of a better world.


He is a confident, courageous, trusting man, energetically committed to his abundant life NOW! He uses his immense talent of painting to bring forth a rich world of oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings to life on canvas. 

About My Wall To Your Wall

Started Own Business April 2022

Graduated ASU May 2018

Started Painting December 2013

Family Owned business located in the heart of North Scottsdale, where creativity and love shine. We collaborate with a rich community of artists to share their work in the valley of the sun. 

You can find an abundant collection of modern-day art. A beautiful display of colorful women in bright hats, to dark mysterious men, to ancient greek gods and goddesses, to western Indians, to the Lord and the Lamb, to our spirit and the vast universe. All of this and so much more can be found on the walls of My Wall To Your Wall.  

Come down and take a walk through our gallery, and take a piece of art with you. We encourage you to live a life of abundance and imagine a world filled with art.

Let us Win-Win

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